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September 12, 2011


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First of all welcome back. Missed your commentary.

Secondly, ya know I have been very critical of the storytelling of late, on other blogs. And now after reading your commentary I see that I have been disappointed in some areas yes, but I haven't been grateful in others. So I will agree with you and say I guess I am happy to finally hear the words... "Sonny is wrong"...uttered...AND BY JASON on top of it. It does appear that the unholy trinity may finally be coming to an end, or at the very least is moving from center stage.

And yes seeing more than just those three on the screen daily has been great, though I don't think the storylines are any better the delivery of what we have been given does have more continutiy, and much more cast integration.

I guess I WAS hoping to get NIGHT AND DAY differences and since THAT hasn't happened I was ready to write Wolf off. I felt like all his "Im going to overhaul everything" mantra was just a bunch of overpublicized hype.

But I suppose I should be grateful for the (major) minor changes that he INDEED has incorporated. More Q's (always a plus), less Sonny, more Davis girls, more cast integration, more hospital, and a teensy weensy bit of romance. Not enough for my taste but still its more than we were getting.

And especially....(drum roll please) no more Friday afternoon -hail of bullet- montages for a cliffhanger. That right there is enough to rejoice over in itself.


Finally back on line after losing our computer due to Hurricane Irene. Good to be back. Wow, Sonny is really out of control these days, more so than in previous years. I wish Olivia would have shot him yesterday when he had the gun on Johnny. Yes, he's the one who ordered the car bomb that potentially caused Krissie's spinal injury, but he goes after Johnny instead of taking responsibility for his actions. Jeez!

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