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May 24, 2011


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Very sad to hear about Ingo. I do hope that when he leaves town, he takes Brenda, her son and Joss with him. I'm so tired of Carly winning all the time in their "relationship."


Boo! Agree with Sandy, take Brenda and make a new life with the kids. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see Brenda and Jax ride off into the sunset!


Another one bites the dust. First Tyler and now Ingo. I hope both Tyler and Ingo are written out with respect and decency. No deaths or traumas. They simply choose another path of life. My only satisfaction is that the moron Guza has finally been fired. Only it is too late for Tyler and Ingo.

Well I have said it before when Tyler leaves (and I believe he finished filming for good) I am turning GH off. Now with Ingo out I know I made the right decision.


Ingo will be missed. He's talented, gorgeous and classy beyond anything GH has deserved for a while now. Thanks for the clip. So began one of the best soap triangles ever...IMO of course. :)

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