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May 10, 2011


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Couldn't have said it better myself!! Lisa and Anthony together -- WOW!


I've given up watching - but I refuse to give up reading this blog! You are my GH lifeline from now on.....


It's obvious you don't enjoy the show. Why do you waster your time watching?


Lissa - the numerous inconsistencies and lack of character follow through has become tedious and at times, frustrating. I have been a loyal fan to GH for many years but watching many of my favorite characters become withered, misused and overlooked simply taints the history of this once great show.

Ice Princess

Lissa, I compare it to continuing to watch a hometown sports team even throughout a slump - - you're a fan and you hope that they will soon "pick up their game" so you trudge through the frustration, hoping to eventually come out on the other side and enjoy their playing once again.

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