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May 02, 2011


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One thing I can say, the intervention episode was certainly different. You might call it “A Very Special Episode” of General Hospital, except not so much. I found it somewhat interesting because it was such a radical departure to the usual format of the show, using only one set and an ensemble of characters, dramatic lighting, and camera angles. I’ve always said the strength of the writing team is the way they do interpersonal dialog and today was again an example of that. The show was well written, well-acted, and I liked the surreal way the flashbacks were incorporated. It was an ambitious attempt at creativity, but all in all it fell flat for me. Mostly, I found it depressing and I wasn’t ever entertained or uplifted. I think Luke summed it up best when he called it “pointless.”

I don’t think Luke was impaired when he hit Jake, but that, and not Luke’s drinking is the real reason, the trigger behind this, yet all these concerned loved ones hardly mentioned Jake’s death and the affect it has had on Luke. Luke’s drinking wasn’t out of control until AFTER he hit Jake, and yet they didn’t address Luke’s guilt and remorse at all. I also found the way they staged the intervention insulting, drugging him, tying him to a chair, bringing in a condescending stranger. And for Luke, as furious as he was, the choice between Shadybrook or being shunned by the very people that shanghaied him must not have been very hard at all. If they had been listening to what he’s been saying lately, instead of trying to “cure” him, they would realize that he’s been telling them goodbye because he thinks they would all be fine, and indeed better off without him. All they’ve accomplished is giving him the perfect excuse to take off and never look back, and after that, who could blame him?

Instead of dreary rehab at Shadybrook, they should’ve SUGGESTED de-tox at some plush resort-like facility. Challenge Luke to flush the booze out of his system for 90 days and then see how he feels. They could say that’s the least he could do for them, and I don’t see how he would refuse a reasonable request like that. This feeble attempt at emotional blackmail isn’t going to cut it with Luke Spencer, even in his weakened state of mind. This show only served to further de-construct one of the most iconic characters in the history of the genre. Perhaps that WAS the point.


The hour was interesting, but at the end Luke was still the ass he always was. He was brought on the show to rape Laura, now at the end of GH he kills a child after drinking all day, or his entire life and we're supposed to cheer? What is up with Guza killing kids, raping women, murdering good people and letting the mob and evil people go free? I'm really getting sick of this soap.

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