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May 08, 2011


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Okay, I usually love your columns for the dead on skewering of what stays wrong with this POS, on it's last legs soap that I once loved, but even if this column had been badly written and I hated it, I would have laughed my @ss off just for your last three emoticons :)


Okay I gotta ask, do you create your own gifs because they are so spot on in this post. I mean they are always great, but the cold shower, the "undercover" smilies and the beating the dead horse! Fantastic! :)


Laughed so hard I almost pee'd my pants! I thought the same thing when Olivia and Steve were making love -- doesn't she have a bed, and how can both of them fit on that small couch (oh, I forgot, they're both 4'11").


I love that emoticon for STeve and Olivia! LOL.

VM has NOT been good this time around. What worked when she was 20 does not work now that she and her character are 40! Was she this bad on Las Vegas?

They don't need to spring for a bed for Steven and Olivia...they should have several left from The Port Charles Hotel, Sax and various other couples and places (like Emily and Skye's room at the Quartermaine Mansion)! It's ridiculous that few to no characters actually get a bedroom or bed anymore!

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