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April 26, 2011


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I loved this!!!! Thank you!!!


I'm so fed up that I've stopped tuning in for now...But your post is dead on!


Turning down 3 million dollars on "principle" pretty much nails it that Shawn Butler isn't the man he pretends to be.

What he said is rediculous and he's said variations of it more than once. He's mighty eager to please a handful of people.

I'm thinking he's got an agenda we're still in the dark about. And a "cover" he's eager to maintain. Cause there is simply no way turning down a fortune and copping an attitude fits the fellow he's been so far.


Thank your for this! I hate what they doing to Jax in this riduculous crap of a story.


At this point, I'd rather Jax not share any more scenes with Carly or Shawn. It's utterly ridiculous and now he's the bad guy for not wanting someone like Shawn to guard his daughter.

As soon as Shawn starting the Carly and Jason-propping, I was done with him. I liked him better when he was working for Theo.

At least I can count on Jax to not be Jason and Sonny butt-kisser!


I couldn't believe Shawn called Jax manipulative. Obviously, he hasn't been around Carly long enough to realize who's the manipulative one! I think Jax should just take Joss and go to Australia, or somewhere where there isn't any extradition. Guza is treating Jax like he's just a sperm donor. He's a good father, much better than Carly is a mother.

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