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March 19, 2011


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A. Heilbrunn

The so-called Guza OUT was an interesting read all day. People "dancing", future suggestions, who should be the next HW.it went on and on. It did pass the time until 3PM for the next gloom and doom epi.
Sad day, but NOT as sad OR EFFECTIVE as the BJ/Maxi death. Didn't even come close!!!
Too rushed, too many spoilers( I know you don't have to read them)but the PR was everywhere.


I love Bruce Willis, don't know what Demi sees in Ashton, to me there's no comparison. Too bad the Guza rumor is false. I didn't know about this until I read it here, but the rumor mills shouldn't tease us like this!

A. Heilbrunn

Guza's rumor was a smokescreen for TC.

TC tighten your belt and be happy and succeed in PT.
Sorry to say, you have "stayed too long at the fair".


I truly wish they had FIRED GUZA instead of letting Tyler Christopher go. What a mistake on GH's part. Tyler is an excellent actor who has made it outside of soaps. Is that why they let him go? They couldn't stand the competition?

I wish this talented actor much good luck and happiness he deserves it after the rotten deal he has gotten from GH. Guza is destroying all the leading families of Port Charles. For what? Oh yes I remember, Sonny, Jason, Carly, the three stooges to whom we are subjected to almost every day on our TV screens.

As I recall the name of the soap is "General Hospital" not "Mob Central." Maybe if they had written decent storylines for the character of Nikolas Cassadine (a main character of one of the leading and most powerful non mob families in Port Charles)it would have given Tyler something interesting to do. No, instead they wrote a bunch of crap stories for him meanwhile it has been Sonny, Jason and Carly. Well this long time fan (have watched GH since I was nine, almost 40 years)is turning GH off for good nothing left to watch for. Can't wait until TPTB finally come to their senses and can Guza. But by then it will be too late.

Good Luck Tyler if Prime Time is smart they will scoop you up in a New York minute and put your great acting talent to good use. You were wasted on GH.

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