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March 31, 2011


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Holy murphy - call Ripley's cause Joss is a miracle kid! Really?! She's out of bed and off monitors all ready?! Wow!

JJ truly made me ache with this performance - Lucky's pain made me cry. However I do feel bad that he is on a show that will not respect his talent.

Finally having a memorial service off screen was truly the final straw. No Grams, no Laura, nada. I thought I had missed it as I channel surfed but nope, not a chance. Geesh....


According to spoilers/rumors, Liz was supposed to be so grief-stricken that she blamed herself for Jake's death, started hallucinating that he was still alive, then had a complete mental breakdown like Laura and ended up committed to Shadybrook. I guess Lucky would've gotten the kids in that situation. Because as we all know, women can't leave this show unless they are brutally murdered or go insane.


This whole story line sucks, seriously. I agree with you 100%, and besides that, Joss' illness isn't even fatal! Also, did someone drop Michael on his head? What is he thinking, going after Abby's ex with a gun? Does he never learn? The only thing I was excited about these past two weeks was Suzanne offing Mr. Potato Head. Luke seriously needs to go to rehab, pronto.

Beth R.

Sandy- not only was Joss's illnes not fatal....a kidney transplant isn't even a considered treatment. The preferred treatment is chemo and a partial kidney removal...just enough of the infected kidney to get the entire tumor out. Oh and there are signs that are visible to the nake eye.

and Tara's right...Liz was supposed to go insane with grief and go to Shadybrooke. Given Tony Geary's comments in recent interviews about Luke becoming protective of Liz as she went crazy (in what he wrongly said was an interesting move) I'll hazard a guess they were just itching to pile on the Laura comparisons.


obviously we are all smarter than the avg GH writer because we picked up on the crap pace, execution and just sucky writing.

I feel for you that you watch 2 wks I could only stomach one I couldn't watch after last Fri.
If you saw guzas interview today for tv guide you now know than he is a sleazy liar as well as crap writer.

none of this made sense except the actors did a really fine job BH and TG especially as well as JJ. Sbu was not bad.


I agree with everything. What else would I do? The pacing is abominable, the writing is shit, the acting is amazing (except Steve Burton)and there is rarely a day that goes by that makes me proud to be a fan.

They didn't have a bloody memorial! Are you SERIOUS?!

Also, as a woman who's actually lost a child, I wanted to smash Carly's face in because she was constantly talking about how great Josslyn was doing. It was my pet peeve when my daughter died. Trust me, no matter how much I loved my nieces and nephews, I didn't care two figs how they were the day of my daughter's memorial. Not at all. I wanted to shoot Guza with hot oil.

Mostly I'm continuously amazed at how well the actors of merit rise up to the challenge of presenting this filth as actual writing and acting the hell out of it. Without chewing up a scene. (I'm looking at you Maurice Benard.)


This whole story sucks. I for one am done as soon as Tyler leaves there will no longer be any reason to watch except for Scrubs and they give them virtually no story or air time. Y & R has just hired Genie Francis if they are smart they will hire Tyler too and then more GHer's will stop watching this crapfest and start tuning into Y & R where we can see excellent writing.


It amazes me that Frons, Phelps and Guza are still employed at ABC. I'm shocked, because the level of suckage sent out to the soap masses is unbearable at times.

Jason's pain is so much more than Liz or Lucky's? Why? Liz told him to claim Jake before and after Michael was shot and HE chose not to. He chose to parent Sonny, Carly and Alexis' children and not his own. He never once made any changes in his life to support raising his son.

The s/l was poorly conceived, written and thank goodness the actors did their jobs because TPTB did not.


Personally, I think the scenes between Lucky and Jason were much more emotional than the Liz ones. Ever since Liz went to bed with Nik while still professing her love for Lucky, I have no respect for the character.


The only good thing about this s/l was the acting. The pacing was horrid. If I hear Carly talk about Jason's sacrifice one more time...

Where were the people after the memorial service? I would've liked to have seen Grams and Bobbie. Lucky's Aunt Bobbie could have offered some words because she was in Lucky's shoes.

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