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March 01, 2011


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Shawn & Carly - I do enjoy them together - surprisingly she's not a harpy shrew around him...yet...

Ethan & Kristina - ick..she has delusion written all over....

Suzanne & Balkan - I wonder if Balkan and Franco are somehow connected - I remember a while back when Franco was on a plane he took a picture of Brenda out of a folder...hmmm....

Lucky & Siobhan - I agree - what the hell is he doing telling her? Geez...just when I think Lucky is smart...

Overall, I'm not hitting the channel button on my remote so it must be OK...


And the present that Franco is bringing is....Claudia.


SHARLY for the win!

Sorry Kristina looks prepubescent. I do not want to see someone who looks 13 slobbering all over a man with facial hair. ::shudders::


Kristina's feelings toward Ethan are downright creepy. She looks like a 14 year old. Yuck!

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