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February 23, 2012


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Lobsel Vith

Todd and McBain gig up against Sonny Corinthos? Good times. :)


Thanks for that promo. It's a ton of Sonny in it. LOVE Sonny & he's HOT & SEXY!!!
So thanks for sharing :-)

Love that RC is giving Sonny even more story & can't wait to see how it plays out.


This promo does nothing for me. Killing Robin, a character with so many ties to PC, was terrible. I hope GH pays for that. Robin was GH royalty. She should have gotten her happy ending. She is the character with the rich history. Her death is a plot point to bring on OLTL people and give others story at the expense of viewers who grew up with Robin. Her death wasn't about her but Jason just like the whole show is about Jason and the mob.Even the vets returns don't impress me anymore. Anna making Patrick operate after just losing Robin is insane. Kimberly McCullough who plays Robin and the viewers deserved a better ending than Robin's death.Robin and her husband and child should have left PC as a family. That is what Robin and the viewers deserved.


Maybe I'm in terrible denial.......but I don't think she's dead. I think KMc may have changed her mind with this new team, but they decided to go ahead and blow everyone's mind.......give her some time to pursue some independent things - but I think she's returning, I seriously do - and I think they're writing it with that result. JT is killing me, and Mac (I'm sorry I can't recall his real name) destroyed me yesterday...the acting by ALL is stunning and wonderful. I feel bad about Shawn and Carly - I liked them. And I want someone for him - are they heading him in Alexis' direction I wonder? I haven't been keeping up w/spoilers so I don't know......but I really do believe the story will evolve where Robin is kidnapped by Helena or something......something's amiss.


+1 on Todd and McBain taking down that dinosaur Sonny Corinthos - I find Sonny and the whole mob story laughable rather than interesting..

Sam is truly a selfish cow - I truly hope Jason either dies or has no memory of you or your baby post-surgery..

Still lovin Carly and Johnny - but wait - Blair meet Johnny Z - Johnny Z meet Blair...hmmm...but hopefully Carly finally gets a gal pal...the chick desperately needs one...


I am excited to see Robert, Holly and Anna!
I understand that you can't shove everyone into a 30 second promo but I'm a bit worried that these OLTL characters are going to be taking over the time that would usually be allotted to my favorite supporting characters like Maxie, Lulu, Matt, Elizabeth and Tracy. I hope that's not going to happen.


I'm in agreement with Cathy and Linda. Remember Lucky being burned beyond recognition? He returned. As for Johnny and Carly, watching them is like watching a Nicholas Cage movie -- you don't really want to, but his movies aren't that bad.

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