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February 28, 2012


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Lobsel Vith

JT and JJY have been phenomenal with their performances. I've really enjoyed seeing Patrick and Mac.

Saving Jason... I could care less. I know he's going to live, because he's never in any real danger, but I wouldn't blame Patrick either way. Robin saved lives, while Jason murders people for the mob. Patrick has every right to be angry over the loss of his wife, and Sam seemed like she couldn't care less about it. I could care less about Sonny and Sam, too.

Cassandra is dead, and Helena ended one of the most tedious and boring stories that ever graced GH. And now Ethan is being made a Scorpio, after all this time. Makes more sense than Luke and Holly having a child.

I'm glad Michael cared. It's much better than when he cared more about the business than saving his brother's life. I hope it means we've seen the last of Michael trying to become a mobster.


I have watched both GH and OLTL almost since they started on TV. I didn't like the fact that they killed off Starr's little daughter. Think the Cassadine story without Nikolas around is plain stupid and now making Ethan Robert's son so late in the game is tedious. But all in all a great change from that moron Guza. Robin's death could have been handled a little better but hopefully they will have a memorial service and give credit to a main character and bring back a few of her friends for the service i.e. Jax, Nikolas, Lucky, Brenda.

Can't say that I blame Patrick. After the surgery and Jason finds out about Robin, Patrick should make him promise to get out of the mob.


I have watched GH and OLTL for the last 28 years and I love that they are crossing over OLTL characters so that we can keep watching!! I am very appalled that they killed off Hope. For being so young, Starr was a good mother and had to deal with a lot in a short timeframe. Thought her daughter was dead, multiple kidnappings for them both, crazy hannah in their lives, long time boyfriend/father of child in jail, only to escape, get shot, and then get their happily ever after... on OLTL. Then a month later on GH they kill her family off. It was totally uncalled for killing her child.

rae boyd

Just a few stray thoughts.
KMc wanted to go - boo, hiss. She did it before (to direct and didn't succeed)so I'm done with caring about it. Sure it could have been written differently and I wish it would have been because they made the characters really dumb. I hope they give us some flashbacks. It will help newcomers understand so much history.
I just wanted someone to hip check Helena. Get that gun away from the frail elderly lady Holly!
Jen Lilly needs to work on learning to cry. That was pathetic. Poor Spin had a beautiful single tear that really got to me. Someone needs to speak to the makeup people. Her eyes are awful! Just visited another board that has a photo of KS posted. Good grief she is beautifuly made up.


Dead kids do suck. And Starr Manning is much less interesting without her parents around. Honestly, they should have just shipped NuCole and Hope off to Ireland for a nice long open-ended visit with Patrick and Marty in Ireland. And had Starr and Cole break up amicably doing the co-parent thing, if they really wanted to hook her up with Demon Boy.

Anything that takes Demon Boy's attention away from his fake dad's criminal enterprise is good in my book, though. If Michael hooks back up with the Quartermaines due to Starr's influence, I'd reluctantly call NuCole and Hope a necessary sacrifice.

I really did like what Jen Lilley did with what she was given, but unwillingly, I do have the say the lack of actual dampness from the eyes did distract me a bit. Bless her heart, she was trying and I do think she mostly succeeded in conveying the devastation she felt at yet another unexpected, traumatic loss. Then again, I'm one of the few who still find Kirsten Storms unrecognizable as Maxie Jones.

Luke never should have been Ethan's father. He didn't appreciate the two kids he had (unless Jonathan Jackson was playing Lucky, that is) and it might be mean of me, but he deserves every bit of pain this latest revelation causes. It's not even about Luke and Laura or Holly and Robert for me (though I've been waiting since before I can remember for a Robert/Holly child -- Robin, as much as I came to adore her, was the original f***ing Jake), Guza's original Ethan paternity was devoid of ANY factor that goes in to good storytelling.

Scary enough, if Sonny had had that Robin conversation with almost anyone other than Sam, I would have actually cared about his grief. But with Sam bashing the doctor who was saving her worthless husband's life, it kind of took me out of the entire scene. Gollum indeed.

Yes, Robin's death was ultimately the result of stupidity not only on her part, but on Patrick's part (and these are two characters who tend to carry the stupid stick less often than ANY other character on this show), but the fall-out, whatever it's been convoluted with (I hate you so much, Jason Morgan!), has given me some more hope for this f***ing show.

Lobsel Vith

rae boyd, KMc left to act in other roles, not to direct, and that's precisely what she did. KMc was asked to come back by SB and MB. After KMc's anger over how Lexi was fired (by JFP for being a petite woman) and the AIDs as a weapon storyline that she rallied against, there wasn't much incentive for her to change her mind about pursuing a career in filmmaking.

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