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January 24, 2012


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Holy hell - I love Johnny - especially when he's all grubby looking. I could do without the Shrew - keep your hands off you blond boob! This is probably the one and only story I could watch and fast forward through the rest....



Oh, you've been missed, but I was afraid of begging for your return via the web.

I'm really enjoying the Johnny stuff. His version of Betrayed! is way sexy and, somehow, more justified than any version of Betrayed! Sonnny has put across in over a decade.


OK - after watching today's episode (Jan 27), I have to say (grudgingly) that Carly and Johnny together have potential hotness. I'm loving the bad boy who has nothing to lose.


Welcome back! I'm with you on Johnnie and Carly. Hot!


Welcome back! I did notice your absence, but didn't wanna be a stalker, since I rarely commented when you did post, seemed weird to comment when you didn't...

While all the stuff you mentioned did happen on the many epis you deleted, you did miss a beautiful xmas wedding.... That was pretty much the only happy thing in 2 months or more...


Ugh! I'm so sick of Johnny not hooking up with Kristen Storms' Maxie! What a lost opportunity!


So glad you've inched back in to posting. Carlivati's full-on scripts are taping now and begin to air near the end of Feb Sweeps.

He's been tweaking the existing GW stuff since December though. I'll bet the big reveal regarding Johnny's current angst was RC all the way. (If not, a belated hat-tip to Shelley Altman and Garin Wolf, because whomever did it this is classic, twisted old-school soap, and I love it.

I love watching Johnny, but I just hate Carly so much that I can't root for them hooking up.


Oops that should read "next week" not this week for the taping of RC stuff


Welcome back! Luv Johnny too, but not with Carly, maybe with the female cop. Carly is just too snarky, plus isn't she the one who asked Luke to get some dirt on Johnny? Can't remember, the plots on GH are so interesting that I forget them half the time.

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