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January 31, 2012


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+1 for scruffyhotJohnny - I could watch him all day - yummy.... I have NO CLUE who Gino Soleito is so this "bombshell" has no meaning for me. Now if it was Trevor Lansing, I'd be all over GH again.

In addition, nuMaxie annoys me like no other daytime character EVER.


OMG! I can't stand nuMaxie. I don't know if it's acting choices or if they are writing the character as a ditzy blonde, but it doesn't seem like the same character. I keep trying to imagine how Kirsten Storms would deliver the lines. I hope she is getting well and that she'll be back, but I'm afraid they cut her.

Lobsel Vith

It'd odd that they have Gino Soleito as part of the storyline when his character doesn't even seem to be the same person from The City. The way they describe him (especially with the "Claudia revelation"), it's almost like they are describing an entirely different person.


Gino Soleito? wow, they dug way, way back for that character didn't they??

I read posts at times to kind of get a feel for what is going on but haven't had the desire to watch in a looong time. My friend fills me in about once a month too.

I just don't have the stomach to watch - every time I think I might I read a few spoilers and go 'Oh, no way!

Castle is awesome, recap it ;)


I like the new Maxie. I wish SOMEONE would bring Sonny down, I don't care who, and what he did to Johnny re: telling Johnny that Claudia was his Mom was really terrible. I still don't believe that Claudia is Johnny's Mom. Is it just me, or is there too much on-screen time for Sonny and Kate?

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