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December 01, 2011


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Actually No!OLTL only got better when they got the AX and the writers were giving the audience their payoff unlike AMC.

Killing Robin on GH is wrong. I don't care how they kill her she is a legacy character and should NEVRER be killed off. Still haven't recovered from Alan dying. If the door was left open for JJ then KMc should get the same treatment as well as her fans.

Robin can be missing and presumed dead. Anna and Robert have many enemies and that would work better for many. We don't need to see Emma with a new mommy or Partick move on so soon, yet GH is already trying to do that and that is disguisting. Robin is alive and should be spending time with Emma and Patrick.


Nah, killing Robin with an AIDS story line would finally make her character worth watching. Let Maggie move in and take her place in the family. She works much better with Patrick and they have chemistry.

A. Heilbrunn

Santa will stuff everyone's stocking in Port Charles with pink slips.
GH will die I think, about springtime and Robin will live.
ABCD will make it short and sweet, like AMC.
I would like many favs to walk off into the sunset alive and not the usual bodybags.Guza style.
Viewers have had too much gloom and doom for the past ten years.


If Robin is going to die, it should be because of her HIV status. That's been her storyline for years, and to me it's the only way. I don't want Robin to die, but Kimberley wants to move on. OLTL is a much better soap than GH, although I find myself fast forwarding through it as well as GH.


Robin is a legacy character. There are other ways to write her off the show and still give her an option to return when GH gets canceled.

This show gets worse every day. I only watch once in a while to keep track of my favorites, Robin being one of them. After she leaves I won't even watch once in a while.

When Tyler and Ingo were let go that was the straw that broke the camels back so to speak. And now with Kim leaving it's the icing on the cake. Hopefully these three actors will find amazing work elsewhere as they are all very talented.

I wish much good luck to Tyler, Kim, and Ingo they deserve it.


Where are you? Have you given up on the column???

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