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November 17, 2011


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Eh, the GH idiots in charge know the end is near. They're concerned with finding new jobs (I seriously hope they're forced to change professions! I don't want ANY of those writers working anywhere near my favorite shows) and can't be bothered with doing justice to GH. Nobody's watching and that's just the way they want it to remain.


I'm going to be hated for this comment but I can't stay quiet.
Soap viewers killed soaps. I agree that the writing and leadership hasn't been what it was in the glory days, but I can't remember the last time I read anything positive about any of the programs I watch. Everyone hates the writing, the acting, most of the actors, the sets, etc. There is nothing but anger and disgust out there. If I were in charge I'd think that cancellation was the most logical thing to do. After all --- we all hate the shows! We killed soaps. We need to own it.


In my opinion they're letting one of the most beloved characters leave GH. I can't believe the story lines they've given Lucky over the past year. As the author of this blog said, pretty soon there'll be no more relatives of Lucky to kill off, although hopefully Luke will go soon. I would rather see Luke go than Lucky. Luke is getting(?) really boring and monotonous. To tell the truth, the writing was better under Guza than Garin Wolf.


Years ago, I remember reading an article which stated that GH started to go downhill with the birth of Michael. That started the character assassination of A.J., the deification of St. Jason, and the Sonny-Carly show. Despite a few recasts, JJ will always be Lucky to me, as will Robyn Richards as Maxie (no insult to Kirsten Storms, it's just that Robyn brought a much more loveable, vulnerable quality to the character). BTW, with the writers not knowing what to do with Felicia, her character went completely out the window, abandoning her children, indulging in a very silly affair with Luke and generally being written as this flighty, flaky mom, hardly the rock that endured and braved her daughter's heart transplant. In order to worship at the altar of St. Sonny, the PCPD under Mac and various officers became a joke, older females like Monica, Bobbie, Audrey and Gail became very little more than wallpaper and nearly invisible on the canvas. With the death of so many Quartermaines, the mighty Q's were reduced to cameo appearances. And please, don't get me started on the retconning of the history of Luke and Laura. Those of us who were around watching in the 70s and 90s were supposed to believe that while Laura was pregnant with Lulu, Luke was off screwing Holly and any other prostitute he could bed. Luke stated more than once that he was a one-woman man, no other female needed to apply. I have adored Tony Geary for most of his daytime career and have marvelled at his portrayal of Luke, but this idea sucked miserably, and hasn't been the least bit successful. Watching Jane Eliot and Tony act together is terrific, but Luke and Tracy are not a love story, but sardonic friends, allies in bitter reflection. As to JJ, I fell in love with his Lucky when he was 11 years old, captivated by his charm and maturity in his acting choices and talent. The core of the character has been rewritten so badly, I barely recognize the inventive, bright-eyed, intelligent and soulful young man he became, even through the agony of finding out about his father's rape of his mother. It has been years since I have been a regular GH viewer, but I feel that the writers hijacked the show and put it on the shoulders of Maurice Benard. I was a Sonny girl for a long time and forgave many of the character's less-than-attractive qualities, but you can only write a person's bad childhood as an excuse for bad behaviour for so long before it becomes pathetic. It's like Sonny's bipolar personality attached itself to the show, careening wildly out of control, only to then land in a depressive heap upon the viewer. So, for a show that was appointment TV, GH has lost so much of what made it special. Reading your column and various recaps, it's like watching a patient on life support, silently begging for someone to turn off the machine and let the body die!


Bravo Nancy! My thoughts exactly!

Antoinette Aubert

They lured me back with all the talk of Laura. But with JJ leaving it is clear they aren't going to fix the Spencer family. And now Robin is going as well, I'm done. I can't believe we are still having to watch Sonny deal with his childhood. That's ALL this show is about anymore, poor wittle Sonny. I am out again. Someone please cancel this show so I can stop being lured back in with false promises.

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