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November 22, 2011


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A. Heilbrunn

Probably just a hunch. Edward Quartermaine will have a "heart seizure", Thanksgiving Day eating pizza??
He's next.
GH is just fading away. So sad.


KMc exiting makes my exit offical. She was the reason I starting watching GH again when she returned. I've always adored her as a talented actress and Robin Scorpio is like my little sister. I have no desire to watch this sud of a soap without her. Jason Thompson's greatest gift as a actor and partner is Kimberly McCullough.


THE fact that a wonderful beautiful women is leaving makes me so sad I truly believe she was so many things to many people.I truly believe she was the best actress on the screen and now with her gone many many fans will and are going. As far as her costar I can't watch them put him out there for a match with someone who will never be Robin.With respect for him wish him luck because Kim was the best costar anyone could ask for.I know for a fact that many are gone already and now this goodbye The way she was treated was just sad without Kim there is no scrubs and no gh for many. Good luck to the character Patrick she was much more to so many people and can never be replaced wish you the best goodbye all.

Linda B.

Well that's it for me and GH. Losing Kimberly McCullough's Robin is the last straw. I have watched GH for over 30 years--the good, the bad, and the ugly. I wish the show all the luck in the world and hope it stays on the air because I hate the thought of all those people in front of the camera and in back of it losing their jobs. But it will have to be without me. I will no longer tape it. It has become unwatchable. When Robin leaves next year so do I.


Whatever. BOOO HOOO


I've watched GH since it started. I remember Robin as a little girl who stole the show. She will be missed. As a side note, GH is really bad lately, I fast forward through most of it. Sad to say but I won't really miss the soaps. Maybe now I'll get some reading done.


Agreed with most commenters - I've been watching GH for 30 years, and Robin/KMc's departure will be make saying goodbye to GH a whole lot easier.

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