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October 24, 2011


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I LOVE Revenge, hope Jack didn't kill Daniel. Your synopsis was great, I've been watching since the beginning and I forgot some of what happened. The only thing that's kind of funny is that the Sam the dog, who was a puppy when Amanda's father was arrested, is now around 18 and looks great. I'm glad that Jack took him in and I think he recognizes Amanda. I missed last week's episode because our DirectTV was on the fritz, so hopefully we'll get to see the show this week. Welcome back, missed your posts.


I have two guilty nighttime show pleasures that I love much more than Port Charles In Ruins


and, it's not a soap...but I find Harry's Law an odd combination of hilarious and satisfying.


well GH is getting juicy now with another round of Psycho Lisa on the loose (I know...AGAIN? ugh) but this may well be the last round as we have been promised a whodunnit storyline. Still unless I see an actual body dead as a doornail, I'm not holding my breath...

But it is great fun to watch nonetheless, specially since Robin is getting show her tough Scorpio side as she battles Lisa head on. And all the flashbacks of all the crap Lisa has done to Scrubs in the past really heightens the battles (and I gotta admit it was great fun seeing the one of Robin decking Lisa...never see nuff of that one hehehehehe).

In other news, the heralded return of Franco is so far one huge yawnfest. Outside of sending Joss some flowers from Hawaii, killing some random dude we will never care less about since we have no idea who he was and making stupid art that I have seen better in kindergarden classes, the whole thing so far is B-O-R-I-N-G!

Enjoying NuKate and she clicks pretty well with MB (though seeing Sonny bed another woman (again) is like having my fingernails yanked out one by one)...SubMaxie is doing ok and I am eager to see where the new promised storyline where Spinell's family is revealed goes..

Oh and I am royally pissed off at the firing of Lexi Ainsworth! And so are many of her GH cast member friends too-check out SOD's comments from Kimberly McCullough where she reveals Lexi was fired for looking too young and that GH almost pulled the same shaft on HER when she was 13! Imagine the horror if GH had recast Robin!

Anyway keep plugging and catch up on GH...just hit FF through the Franco crap and the dull as dirt over-hyped Jasam wedding where they wound up getting married in their everyday basic black clothes and eating Chinese food at the reception-how utterly dumb and dull can you get? But overall there is a lot on GH worth watching-just gotta know which parts to tune out and which ones to tune in for...


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