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October 26, 2011


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Personally, I think Alexis and the pie were the highlights of Wednesday's (10/26) show. GH is moving at such a slow pace, and what's with Johnny being put into an almost coma-like state, and the next thing you know he's on the docks talking with Anthony! I'm going to watch Revenge, at least that program makes sense!


With all the spooky goings on at Wyndemere why the hell don't they bring back Nikolas? What the hell is the point if we don't have the original Cassadine?

Come on writers do something intelligent for once.


I've been watching more Y&R than GH lately but I will say that I HATE HATE nu-Maxie - no argument can't convince me otherwise...

Y&R is on...must go...


GH is in such a sad state, it's just tragic and I for one can't wait for karma to bite Frons in the ass.

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