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October 22, 2011


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GH was on an upswing.. It quickly stalled. Expect a LOT of repetitive convos b/w JaSam & Skate. Franco is back though he has yet to actually do anything. Same with Luke. Plenty to fast forward through- you'll be done watching in no time!


Sad but true, not much at all. For some strange reason Olivia and Steve have been thrown together and its pretty bad. JaSam have had pretty much the same conversation for 2 weeks. Nukate and Sonny is not worth mentioning and I think Dante may or may not be in the hospital.

A. Heilbrunn

So sad and so bad.
Oh, I forgot, they replaced Tyler/Ingo in opening credits with Shawn and Kate.
Sleazy Solivia. Nochem honeymoon. TIIC trying to make Liz into leading lady??
FF button my latest favorite.


GH is so boring it's pathetic. Too many repetitive conversations. Michael should have been sent to a military academy along with Morgan. Liz is back(?) to being bitchy, blaming Shiobhan for dying and taking Lucky away from Liz. You'll have GH done in no time.


One of the main reasons I have been watching GH is for the opening credits with Tyler and Ingo. I guess now there really is no reason to watch.

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