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September 13, 2011


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A. Heilbrunn

Just when Garin gets it right. GH will be cancelled.


GH has gotten significantly better under Garin. A lot more interaction and definitely not the same characters day after day. Only wish he would bring back a few GH favorites, i.e. Ingo, Tyler, maybe a guest appearance by Jackie Zeman. Loved having Skye back even if it was for just a brief time. Also loved seeing Stuart Damon. Would love a Cassadine storyline with Tyler and Constance. Would love a Quartermaine storyline. But all in all the show is getting better. And I think A. Heilbrunn is right, Garin will get it right and ABC with cancel GH


I love Anthony, and Skye brings a touch of class to GH, polar opposite of Carly.


Skye is the polar opposite of Carly and that would have made AN AWESOME LOVE TRIANGLE with Jax in the middle. What a missed opportunity.

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