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August 17, 2011


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Today was a great day. SONNY BEHIND BARS! Even if it was just for today, that was a sight that I’ve been waiting to see for years. It’s been long overdue. I love the idea of seeing this big bad bully, the great Sonny Corinthos, reduced to a quivering, drooling, blob by the mere proximity of four walls. It didn’t quite get to that point this time, but he was in that cell for less than a day and he was already losing his grip and having wild, vivid, nightmares. It was still great seeing Sonny cower in the corner, trembling with fear, like the coward he is. The best and most fitting punishment for Sonny is to lock him up inside his own head.

Sonny is a fictional character, and in fiction from Greek tragedies to Shakespeare, to today’s soaps, madness has long been the fitting punishment for those who have committed crimes but who have otherwise escaped justice. Sonny’s just the latest in a long line of fictional characters to suffer that fate, and I for one, enjoy seeing him get his just due. It has nothing to do with insensitivity towards real people who have real conditions to deal with.


I agree both with PC Chuckles and Scrimmage. Sonny knowingly didn't take his meds, and Robin knew that. I'm so sick and tired of Sonny using Deek and his bad childhood as an excuse for every evil thing he does. He definitely should see a shrink for his problems. I whooped with delight when Dante had him arrested and put in prison. I also loved Jax yesterday (what a good actor). I think they're getting rid of the wrong person at GH, namely Jax.


What would have made yesterday perfect was to have Sonny sucking on his thumb and rocking back and forth on his cell bunk.

I just LOATHE him.

And so much love for Robin's refusal of that Slagbeast's "thanks." That beast may not be responsible for Sonny not taking his meds, but she Did unleash him on Jax; who did she go running to during the custody battle? And for someone who says she's the only one who knows Sonny best, she KNEW exactly what he would do. She even THANKED him for it. So, no, not impressed with that slap.

Okay, the only thing I liked was the look of shock on Sonny's face when she slapped him. His look was pure "why'dyougoanddothatfer"?


Finally we got to see some small glimmer of light. Sonny finally, finally, got a tiny bit of what is coming to him. I hope he gets locked up for at least a few months. Please Garin give us at least that.

He shoots a gun off in the Drake house, wounds Robin, and Emma is right there. Do either Patrick or Robin call him out on this behavior? Does anyone file charges? Patrick should have at least done that and the hell with any guff from Robin. I am so sick of Sonny getting away with his bad behavior. And Jax was given a great story yesterday. GH you have made a big mistake letting Tyler and Ingo leave. They are great actors who only needed to have great stories written for them. Do the show a favor and bring them back only this time with storylines they can sink their teeth into.


Sonny’s Greatest Excuses:

“The plane wasn’t supposed to go down!”

“Kristina wasn’t supposed to be there when the car bomb went off!”

“I didn’t know he was my son when I shot him, I just thought he was a cop!”

“I thought Alcazar was hurting Carly, and I was aiming for him when I shot her in the head. How was I supposed to know he was helping her deliver my son?”

“I was angry at Claudia because I just found out about her part in Michael’s shooting. How was I supposed to know that if I threatened to get rid of her that she’d grab Carly and take off? It’s not my fault that Michael ended up having to kill his stepmother!”

“As a child I was beaten and locked in a closet by my stepfather, and I had to listen while he beat my mother. So now, everything is payback!”

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