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July 31, 2011


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A. Heilbrunn

I hate to see the mean chatter, if one day Garin Wolf fails to make people happier.
I know anything is better than fans have had in the last ten years.
I am holding my breath.
So far, a slight change is happening, as he predicted.


I was on vacation so didn't even watch GH until I returned home, but I could tell immediately that Garin was writing. I'm so loving the fact that people are finally able to tell Carly what they think of her, and that someone is finally sticking up for Jax, namely Patrick.


GH is actually watchable. The plots are consistent and finally we don't have Saint Carly anymore. Thank you Garin. Now if we can have Sonny and Jason finally get a little bit of what's coming to them instead of them being the sainted mob men. Then this show will have finally turned the corner. A bit of angst for the mob kingpins would be refreshing. People finally calling them out for their bad behavior and them having to pay a bit for their bad deeds.

And bring back Nik Cassadine and the rest of the Quartermaines. Bring back Bobbie, Leslie, Allan. Even if it is only as recurring. Then we will have our GH back.

Bring back Helena with Nik and show some Cassadine craziness. But all in all not a bad first few weeks. Thanks Garin.


Bring back Stefan too! Oh wait, didn't he get killed? But this is a soap, so bring him back, please!

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