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June 06, 2011


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A. Heilbrunn

Love it, but it won't happen.
Gavin has inherited a sinking ship. He does not have enough time to clean up ten years of putrid stories.
We all have to ride the waves until Katie arrives and takes General Hospital down.
So all viewers, "fasten your seat belts"were in for a bumpy ride.


I’m just a simple caveman, and I’ve never watched a cooking show of any kind, EVER, so forgive me if I’m missing something, but I just don’t get the appeal.

Now, I could see someone who loves to cook and is a faithful fan of a particular TV chef watching their show on a weekly basis, but I can’t imagine that there are hundreds of thousands of people who would commit to watching any cooking show five days a week fifty-two weeks a year. And I also find it hard to believe that the numbers of people who would do such a thing outnumber the fans of soap operas who have demonstrated their loyalty for decades, and have passed down their viewing habits from generation to generation. I also can’t picture any recipe generating 6 or 7 pages of impassioned comments on a message board like this. I don’t think anyone would be moved to post:

“A string bean soufflé???!! WTF?”

My point is that I don’t believe the network execs, like ABC Daytime President Brian Frons, when they say ratings will decide which shows survive. Cooking shows and the equally ubiquitous talk shows will be given every benefit of the doubt, and every chance to succeed because they have the built in advantage of being far cheaper to produce than scripted dramas.

If GH is to survive on such an uneven playing field, it will not be enough to just have better ratings than its fluffier competition; it’s going to have to CRUSH them by comparison. That’s why it’s imperative that nobody tunes in to watch “The Chew” or any of the other shows scheduled to replace the soaps that have already been cancelled. It’s especially important to ignore their debuts, as any spike in viewership, no matter how temporary, will be trumpeted as validation for the idea that soaps have run their course and are no longer viable. If on the other hand, the debut ratings for these shows reflect that their viewership consists of one little old lady in Wisconsin who lost her remote and couldn’t change the channel, then I think TPTB would be loath to further alienate the loyal soap audience that they’ve taken for granted for so long by cancelling the few remaining soaps on the air, especially GH.

Our biggest weapon in the fight to save General Hospital is the level of our complete and utter indifference to the kinds of programs they’re trying to put in its place, and our refusal to sit back silently and accept whatever crap they literally try to feed us. We have to be vocal, numerous, and united in the idea that we know what we want far better than the people in charge of the networks do, and insistent that we’ll be the ones to decide what kinds of shows we want to see on daytime TV.

I for one am not giving up on GH without a fight! Bring it ON!




Every time I hear that Carly is a good mother, I scream and my husband comes running into the TV room to see what the matter is. That phrase drives me crazy! I also don't know how Robin and Olivia could NOT testify for Jax. Just because a woman gives birth doesn't necessarily mean that she's a good mother. Sometimes children are better off with the father as the custodial parent.

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