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April 14, 2011


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Michael character: hated the tween, love the current one, although he too is grating on my nerves recently, with his wanting to join the mob, even Z's mob. I hate Carly, but this week she actually made sense, telling Michael and Abby to stay away from each other, and apologizing to Abby for the way she treated Abby initially. As an aside, why is ABC cancelling OLTL, when it's a much better soap than GH? Just saying.


Congrats on three years! Pats you on the back. I've enjoyed reading your blog (but as a fellow animal lover, I really enjoy your vet stories). Who knows how long people will be able to blog about GH. Since I'm really only a fan of Robin and Patrick, I can't comment on Michael because I don't really pay attention to scenes with him or other characters. Keep on blogging, and I'll keep on reading!

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