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March 03, 2011


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LOL!! Good suggestion -- taping Spinelli's mouth shut, although where is he lately?


HA!! That IS pretty ridiculous.

During the scene I was busy pondering all other sorts of foolishness, particularly Sonny and Carly's OVER THE TOP obnoxiousness to pay attention to the duct tape fiasco.


Was Shawn shot in the chest? The "bloody patch" was very near his um, heart, so I'm really confused.

And what exactly did Carly do? Remove said BULLET? or just Put gauze and tape over it and he was magically healed? That and of course the antibiotics she found upstairs. And how and why did she perform surgery on her cream sofa (petty of me, I know but still) All this had me too puzzled to pay attention to the duct taped mouth.

And Sonny is positively pathetic! The worse gangster ever!! Seriously, you burst in with your goons and tell your ex to leave, and she simply says NO. This thwarts your whole plan! Really? That's it. Then your kids barge in and then you proceed to have a family (!!!) dispute over killing a man in her living room (Carly !!! where's Joss?) so to "persuade" Sonny from harming Shawn, your ace in the whole is "DO IT in front of Michael" BECAUSE of course Sonny is "such a good father" that you knew, with your wonderful reverse pyschology technique that this would dissuade him from putting a bullet in the new guy that you have the hots for. You do realize that Sonny shot Dante (his other son in the chest) and has killed plenty of people in front of Michael and even told Michael that he was PROUD of him for killing Claudia. So um, what?

Just. a. "hot mess" of ridiculousness. that episode was.

On a side note though, Shawn is quite FINE. And the character is written to be very strong (until he starts sonny,jason, carly-shipping of course). So that might have been distracting me as well. LOL!


As this mockery of storytelling unravels I'm concerned that my blood pressure will sky-rocket. I'm fully prepared to tell my OB (I'm nearly 5 months pregnant) that it's Guza's fault.


That comment about from the pregnant lady is funny! Sonny is the worst gangster in history and all he does is try to yell people into submission.
And they should leave the family disputes to the Q's, theirs are the only ones I wish to see.

Shawn is far too good for Carly. I'd rather him have a quick death.

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