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December 30, 2010


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I agree, great post. I hope Olivia doesn't die, her and Steven make a cute couple.


this was a funny post. I like that it's not mob related, even though Mobsters will be knee deep in the rescue.

I also love that Jason knows Carly so well. I love Daniel Benzalli, and totally hoped that he would turn out to be the Balkan. I mean, this dude must have a reputation as a lawyer. so, he's a bigshot lawyer with a crime syndicate on the side. His subtleness is what I remember from Murder One, which was one of my favorite shows.

Jean Flynn

Great Post: and on Daniel Benzali:
I loved him in the primetime two season law drama 'Murder One,' in 1996 )as lawyer'Ted Hoffman,' LOL,

And the layered subtle thing is what he's best at...I'm really enjoying watching his work. And he hasn't done any anti-soap snark in his interviews, which primetimers sometimes do.


I knew it was a good episode when I realized that I hadn't hit the fast forward button once. There were several pluses; lots of hospital, no shooting, no bombs and it looks like the remaining Q's are safe.

I could really like Steven and Olivia, Taylor and Kristina, Michael and Abby. Carly is intolerable. This character hasn't grown one bit. She is the same selfish, unrelenting witch.

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