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November 02, 2010


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This Lisa thing is getting ridiculous. Robin and Patrick have Sonny as a friend, Nikolas as a friend, and Mac is the police commissioner. You mean to tell me they can't have Lisa followed for a few days or view video to catch her. And for Nikolas to even consider believing her is stupid. Nik never would he is devoted to Robin as she is to him. The talk with Sonny the other day, you think since Sonny couldn't do Lisa in he would have at least sent one of his goons to follow her for a while to see what she was up to. That would have been the Sonny of a few years back. Protecting his friends and being cunning and crafty about it. Lisa would never see it coming. Come on GH make it a little believable and interesting. These characters are not as stupid as they are being written.


Agreed Gina - Sonny should have taken the initiative, tracked down Lisa (this IS Port Charles pop. 75 or so) and sent Milo and Max to take care of it.

I did like Lisa in the beginning with all her craziness - now it's just tiresome..

I was so excited when Brenda returned...Now I WANT the Balkan to get her..geesh...

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