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May 06, 2010


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Beth R.

You know the problem with the Helena manipulation is that is was so completely dumb. Nothing Helena told Nik...is actually news to him. He allegedly has Helena living there to "keep her under control" and he doesn't even go to the hospital to check out Helena's story? Him overhearing Liz share with Shirley and then Lucky came by to tell him what quite frankly everyone's been telling him...THEN I would get it. At this point I'm stuck at huh?

Yeah count me down as one of the ones confused by everyone proclaiming Michael would get a slap on the wrist. Then why the cover up in the first place? If even I can see Diane arguing this successfully (and I hate her) then why the months of ever increasing stupidity?

As for the promo....let me guess....this will be used to bring Dante and Sonny closer over their shared fury over the injustice Sonny's actions brought forth. GAH! this show!

A. Heilbrunn

Helena is the "cheap" Valentin storyline for the summer.I think her mumbling in public is wanting to get caught. So stupid.
I am enjoying Tracy, always did. I hope Luke is stranded, wherever, for a long time. He has become old and useless.
Everyone is on hold. Why? There is a full hospital staff just sitting around waiting for some crumbs.
Opps. Forgot it's all about Sonny.

Pauline chambers

I completely agree, more love, mystery, intrique, in the afternoon, less mob violence. Lets end the Michael storyline, it has been going on for more than a year now. I love Sonny, Jason, but even they must be getting tired of being in every show. they used to have storylines that did not always involve the mob. Please GH, less violence, and more love. Give Johnny a beautiful storyline with a complete mystery woman. Get Johnny of the revenge kick against Sonny, only leads to more violence. Find some women for Ethan, Lucky, and Matt. Please

M Page

I actually told my sister that GH was good for two days. And just as I expected, the writing took its normal turn back to hell. Is there any way we can get the guy who wrote for Night Shift?

A. Heilbrunn

Hey, M Page
Didn't you get the memo.The writer from Night Shift 2 is a WRITER. He is not allowed on GH, only hacks.

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