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March 09, 2010


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"My deepest fear is that Carly is actually right here."

Bingo! I'm thinking the writer's just blatantly told us where they're going w/ Sonny/Dante through the medium of Carly. I've resigned to the fact now, and am resolved to just enjoy the character of Dante in spite of this. After him lying about who shot him it's inevitable anyway.

I've always disliked the character of Sonny, but since Dante came around I've been able to look past it. It's amazing.

Great blog, btw.

Linda Dowell

I think the writers have years worth of material if they DO NOT unite Sonny and Dante.

So, damnit, of course they will.

Crap. I don't want that to happen - I want Sonny to lose just ONE time.



You know.. I'm so slow. I work at UT and I JUST noticed that the skyline was Austin. Yay!

But back to General Hospital: Um... you know what? I'm a little annoyed at Spinelli for taking Maxie back to the sewers where they were chasing after the SERIAL KILLER who KILLED Maxie's sister. Like.. how morbidly dense is that?

But yes, Olivia rocked it like a hurricane.

A. Heilbrunn

Spinelli and Maxie's crap is just a filler, so TIIC can work in BA RL injury. It should have been done with a phone call.
Sonny will always win. That is why the soap is called "Mobster Hospital".
Boy, I really was hoping that Dante wouldn't cave to his new DADA.
I've been watching tooooo long.


I had such high hopes for the character of Dante. Hoping that Sonny's own son would finally put him in jail where he belongs. Just once I want to see Sonny pay for his crimes, just once. I have decided if there is no payback from Sonny and Jason for all the corrupt things they have done that after 36 years watching this show I will turn it off for good. The Kardashians are far more interesting.


Olivia has no redeeming value. She's such a hypocrite and last on the list of people who deserve to dish it out to Sonny...especially since she's currently bedding a MOBSTER and more than happy to accept his *gifts* and money then skip off to Sonny's hous every chance she gets to play tonsil hockey. HOlivia can STFU.

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