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March 16, 2010


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I would like to explain this to you, but I can't as I seem to lack the gene that allows my brain to twist itself into the pretzel shape necessary to make this ALL ABOUT SONNY. I understand that as a father he would and is horrified at what happened, but him threatening to KILL the man (someone the entire audience KNOWS is innocent) a noble act is beyond my ability.

Also, why telling your abused teenage daughter that she looks just like her dead, but previously abused in life, grandmother, is a good thing I don't get either.

I think you may actually need a 5 year old with 5 year old logic to make sense of this for you.

Best line of the day: Dante saying to Sonny "You pull the trigger and I guarantee he isn't gonna lie and say he shot himself."

The only other watchable scenes were between Kristina and Alexis and Kristina and Dante.


They are setting it up so Dante realizes that Sonny couldn't possibly have whacked Claude. He will put 2+2 together and realize why Michael "confessed" to the murder. This, of course, will all be rendered moot when Clod shows up alive.

So now Ethan knows that Dante's lying about the shooting? Does it mean anything? Probably not on this show.


Okay, let me explain this. Sonny is The Godfather, a murdering thug, but that's his job, so anything evil he does, is, by definition, good as it is his job description of evil murdering thug.

Kiefer, however, is, we are told, a nice kid, brought up with all the benefits of wealth, and knows better. His job description, for want of a better term, is nice, well-behaved kid. Therefore, if he steps outside of his job description and does something heinous like beating Kristina to a pulp, he is, therefore, evil without the job mitigating excuses. This is what allows the murdering thugs to do evil but when they do something good, like fund a hospital wing with ill-gotten gains, it's even better, something akin to miraculous, holy and all like that. If Kiefer does something nice, it's expected of him and nobody (on the writing staff and therefore as presented on the show, cares.

Jax could buy a whole new hospital, bring in doctors from far and wide to staff it, have one of them find the cure for cancer and AIDS/HIV, and nobody would care because he's a wealthy man and he's supposed to do good, or at the least, not do bad. However, should he decide to do something truly evil (at least in the eyes of the writers) and hire somebody to dispose of Sonny, even if it's nothing more than sending him to jail, Jax is lower than goose poop (trust me, that's nasty stuff depending on the time of year and what they are eating).

This is Bizarro GH, for those who want the simple explanation. Bad is good when it fits the job description of whoever is doing the bad. Good is nothing out of the ordinary when it fits the job description because it's what they're supposed to do. But, when good does something bad, this is truly evil beyond words and there is no redemption for said deed doer.

Aside from all of that, don't expect it to make sense. Frankly, I think that Guza and his sidekicks get their jollies trying to see just how far they can push the envelope. Sonny gets a pass for shooting Dante because he's a murdering thug and that's what he does. Dante has to look like a blithering idiot for not having Sonny's butt thrown in jail for attempted murder with complications that the victim was a cop because he should not have tried to arrest him by himself. This is so far beyond common sense that it has all but ruined Dante for me.

I could go on, but you probably get my drift by now.

Beth R.

I gave up trying to explain why when Sonny does it's ok but whenever anyone else does it..it's wrong years ago. The entire time Sonny was going on and on about how men who hit women are scum all I could think was "I don't necessarily disagree with you there Sonny but with the exception of the hitting thing, EVERYTHING I saw Keifer do...I've seen you do it. What was shaking Brenda for wearing the wire? What was shooting Carly in the head while giving birth? What about throwing the money at Courtney's mother's feet and making her crawl for it? What about the orderign of Claudia's murder? What about the fact you think words like "slut" are terms of endearment? You emotionally abuse and manipulate women ALL THE FREAKING TIME! You just haven't hit anyone yet Sonny."

As for STeven's oh so intrguing secret...I too am wondering but figure it won't come up again until he discovers the way obvious hinkiness with the paternity test and will then be blackmailed into continuing to lie to his sister. And even then we won't know exactly what the blackmail is about. So May...it will come up again in May.

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