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March 11, 2010


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A. Heilbrunn

GV tweeted that he was "this close" to doing DWTS last season. I wondered who jinxed that? He couldn't say he was on GH, because "they" were getting ready for the Lucky switcharoo.Maybe one day he will get the call and it would be heaven for lots of his fans. Love JJ but, he's not Greg.
No comment on the dull show today.


The most exciting thing happening on GH now is the new apartment Lulu found for Dante. I can hardly wait until it's decorated.


Aiden Turner is so delishly beautiful that I have no problem admitting to anyone that I am excited about DWTS because he is on it. I am telling all my non-soap-watching friends about him.

I have no idea if he can dance. I certainly hope so, because I want to be watching him weeks from now. He was the only reason I kept watching AMC in the last few years he was there. The show was just awful and they never would give him much to do (he wasn't great, but damn, neither are many of the other actors).

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