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December 20, 2009


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Bradford Anderson has not been really, really good throughout the Maxie cheats storyline.
He's been the same as always. His *acting* skills consist of two ranges: Pity and baffoonery. We're supposed to see him as the
*loveable* tech nerd, but what I see on my screen
is a character that requires constant pity from the audience in order to work.

We witness that same "poor Spinelli" routine
from BA at least 8 to 10 times a year - otherwise we're subject to his *other* acting tick - incessant babbling and gaffawing like a rapid chimp.


I don't feel for Spinelli at all. He is a boring one-note character who doesn't deserve a fiesty woman like Maxie.


Bradford Anderson is a wonderful and talented man. He has been doing a great job at portraying Spinelli. Spixie is the best couple to come along imo. Keep doing what you are doing Bradford your real fans love you and adore you.


I think Bradford has Been great, and I agree with the industry critics and actors like Peter Bergman, who say so..


Like you, I really loved Wednesday's show and was disappointed as the week went on. Wednesday was full of fun scenes and storyline turns that made sense to me and depicted the depth and sentiments of a show I want to watch. Friday seemed random and dark.

I love Scrubs and am glad that they are being shown more, especially now that Christmas has arrived. I would love to see the Scorpio-Jones family all together for Christmas.

I am hoping that Maxie and Spinelli get their non-marriage back on track soon too in a way that the integrity of both characters is either kept intact or restored. They are my favorite part of the show. I miss seeing their fun sweetness from the non-wedding, but am hoping this storyline leads becomes more deep with them being closer and stronger than ever, and we will see their fun dynamic again soon.

I agree with you about Bradford Anderson's wonderful acting skills which have been on display so much recently. He can pull off Spinelli's challenging dialogue and play the subtle nuances of emotions with his facial expressions and body language.


Bradford Anderson is a chronic over actor. I don't feel for Spinelli at all. I never felt that Spixie was a believable couple and the longer they are together the less believable they become. The one piece of the story that rang true was that Maxie would definitely cheat on him in a hot second and I don't blame her. While I used to like the character of Spinelli he has been working his way further and further onto my "What I Hate About GH" list. At least he isn't featured as much anymore, so my annoyance level has subsided some. He does a great job of conveying emotions with his face and I wish that the writers would use that more so I didn't have to hear him talk as often. Why don't they tone down Spinelli a bit and at least pretend sometimes that he is a grown adult?


I completely agree about Bradford Anderson. He's been doing a wonderful job as always. He doesn't even need any dialogue to convey Spinelli's pain. It's so obvious from his face and the look in his eyes. Spinelli showed so much strength of character on Wednesday's show. The Maxie-Spinelli scenes were really emotional and heartfelt. It's too bad everything degenerated after that with Maxie's dumb eye-for-an-eye idea.


We are in total on the awesomeness that is Bradford Anderson. I think he's doing a superb job of conveying the inner workings of Spinelli just from the facial expressions that cross over his face, you can see the pain in his eyes. Not over the moon with this whole Maxie losing her damn mind and cheating but I must say, BA is doing the damn thing. I just hope they show a little more regret and true devastation from Maxie, you know something other than, "Franco is such a babe, I mean, how could I not sleep with him?". See right there, I just threw up a little. Haha....Loved reading your thoughts on GH, thanks for sharing!


Bradford Anderson is always good. The scripts are to blame for any annoyingness the character may contain. The actors do what is written. I don't understand how people can blame an actor for doing what is written. That being said, I love Bradford as always and really hope the get Maxie and Spinelli on track.


BA is talented, but he needs to tone down the "Mommy, I wet the bed again" look on his face. I'm sick of feeling sorry for spinelli, and since the writers are writing him to be a needy child, BA needs to do something to counter that a little bit. He needs to look like he's atleast a little confident and strong, eventhough what he says is screaming "I need to cuddle"


I actually agree with all that you said except for the BA great acting thing. I haven't seen anything different then what he has done since he started at GH. Only now instead of annoying bubbling we get a "man" who is willing to let Maxie walk all over him as long as she stays with him. What kind of man is this?

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