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December 15, 2009


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I think it should be Katman not Colate, and they have the potential to steal my heart just like Max & Diane. We NEED more Katman and way less Sonny with ANYONE!!


Yeah! KatMan!!!!


Why is Kate recurring - she is so fabulous and so interesting and has tons of story potential.


Love me some Colkate! Give me a reason to start watching again - return MW to contract status.




ColKate or Katman - - I don't care what we call them BUT they are crazy good together. Who would have thunk it? Ha. Neither of these actors should be recurring; but even if they are, GH could still use them \ show them to us way more than they have been. These two background characters are far superior to many of the frontline folks. Kate and Coleman are flirty and fun!!!!


"Why is Kate recurring when she has the potential to be so fabulous?"

question of the year, seriously. to even let this talent slip off contract in the first place, i believe, is one of the major factors for it's decline in ratings this year. such a brilliantly entertaining character, i can't imagine not finding it a joy to write her.


I wish GH would put Megan Ward back on contract. I've missed Kate this past year and Sonny or no Sonny she's an amazing character & Megan Ward a terrific actress/asset to GH.S


Love Kate and Coleman together. Neither one of these actors should be recurring because they are both more interesting then the characters that are front and centre these days. I really miss Megan Ward and she is definitely has a lot of potential and she can pull off any type of scene. I watch now just for Kate.


Bring on the ColKate!!! It is a crying shame that Megan Ward is recurring and we rarely see the fabulous Kate. I started watching because of Kate and I stopped watching because of the lack of Kate.

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