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January 01, 2009


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I also felt the wedding was rushed. This was Robin Scorpio's first wedding. A legacy character who has been on since she was 7 years old. The reception was choppy. I couldn't even see a complete father/daughter dance. The garder belt was cut off for a stupid Spinelli fantasy. A complete kiss. Don't even get me started on the guest list. Where was Lucky,Nik and Jax. They have been friends of Robins for a long time.
I did find it ironic that Jason , Carly and Sonny were all miserable. I did find some humor in that. Although I don't think Guza meant for it to come off that way. He just had to cram hi mobbies into Robin's wedding day. But whatever, I enjoyed seeing them all miserable.
Dor the most part the wedding was nice, as you pointed out. But it could have been so much better under a different writer who respected the the character of Robin Scorpio. She may not be a mobbie but she is more loved than any mobbie could be,


I agree with your review. Scrubs/Scopio family are great, the writers... They did a surface job of the Scrubs wedding. It is a shame. What was Guza thinking? He has this group of actors/characters(Scrubs/Scorpio's) and he short changes them to the somewhat detriment to the show. I say somewhat because I feel the audience knows that the writing & airtime for Scrubs/Scorpio family is not fair. So whenever scenes or situations for Scrubs/Scorpio's are not as in depth as they should be or in this case live up to our expectations we know it's the writers/Guza. Anyway, Kimberly McCullough made Robin a beautiful, glowing bride and Jason Thompson made me swoon as a tall, dark, handsome adoring groom!


There was more to like than dislike, but there was so much that could have made it even better.

Personally, I could have done without the Patrick/Sonny scene. Sonny has no right to speak to anyone or lecture anyone about taking care of Robin, let alone Patrick. Although it was a rare nod to history, I could have done without the Robin/Sonny scene as well. I want Sonny forever far away from Scrubs.

Loved the use of the flashbacks, but why not use a few from the three-year history of the couple actually getting married? It was nice I guess that Patrick was invited to Robin Scorpio's wedding.

The toasts from the parents of the bride were bad. Why was there no mention of Noah, of a phone call? Something? Anything? Patrick was secondary at his own wedding and the Scrubs wedding was secondary to the mob follies and Spinelli once again.


It was better then I hoped but it could have been soooooo much better. What a sad commentary, because I could watch w/o yelling at my tv and did not ff through most of the show-- it is considered good. Guza needs to go-- GH needs a fresh viewpoint pronto!

I understand budget cut backs but really -- Jax, Bobbie (who was at the 1st wedding), Nikolas and Lucky could not make it-- where was Monica? How about Alexis--Robin did deliver Molly.... NOAH-- please not even a mention...

Loved Maxie's comment about Carly--that was priceless

The Scorpio/Jones/Drake Family should be front and center.


Wow!! You have a lot of really nice things to say about the scrubbie wedding!! Refreshing actually..... yea, I love Spixie, but.............. the dream sequence has been done, give us something new, like, I don't know, make spixie a real couple!

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