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November 09, 2008


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YES I vote for him too!! HANDS down!! Sent it a huge Thank YOU card and begged YES begged him to come back for NS3!!!!


I would vote for Sri Rao over and over again. As a proud mom of a child with Autism, I was touched by Little Stone's journey with Autism. I thought I knew all that I needed to know about Autism but I actually learned more about it.

Sri Rao didn't destroy Robin and Patrick like Guza did in NS1. Guza turned Patrick into an insensitive jerk and Robin in a woman desperate for a baby. I was afraid Scrubs was going to be destroyed beyond repair. Sri Rao respects that a couple can be happy and deal with issues that do not involve third party interference.

Sri Rao did a great job with Robert's battle with colon cancer. I learned alot there and I will now keep a closer eye on my health in that respect. Anna coming back and staying by Robert's side showed us how deep their love still goes for each other.

Sri Rao showed us how Robin's HIV impacted not only her pregnancy with also her relationship with Patrick. We were shown how they both deal with HIV and what could happen to their baby were she born HIV positive.

Finally, Sri Rao's writing world didn't include the mob. I was so happy to see the hospital and the people who work in them be the focus of the whole show.

Vote for Sri Rao!


Sri Rao '09


OMG, girl, I can't stop laughing. This is classing!



Sri Rao '09!!!!

You are always so right on with your take on things, great job as always


Count me as a vote for Sri!

*You know what Guza finds foreign? logic. . . . and creativity. . . and intelligence.*

Truer words were never quoted.


Sounds like the guy writing for NS should take over for GH as a whole!

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