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July 03, 2008


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Word up, girl. I'm about to go into a fit of rage. This story is JACKED UP. Shittastic, if you will. And I thought blog wars was stupid.

My only silver lining is JD is going to rock the scenes, and then he can move on to greener pastures. I love the character of Logan, and I hate that they are going th is far with the character, but at least I can celebrate with the actor. Freedom, at last.


Well now he's gone and I am completely devestated. I knew this was coming. I ready the spoilers...I prepared myself for that horrible moment and still I was completely crushed. JD was amazing through out and completely blew me away. He was chilling and completely terrifing. I was so heart broken that the Logan I loved was scaring the bejeezes out of me. I'm tuning into GH patiently waiting for the day Scotty finds out. Hopefully through him I will have my vengence LOL. I'm pretty sure I will stay watching till September for Logan's flashback and then I'm done.

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