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July 07, 2008


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Okay I was doing pretty good today after watching the show. I hadn't shed any tears yet because I was just pissed more than anything. But after reading you recap of Logan and Lulu's scenes I am now in tears. I hate the way things had to end between them. I really can't believe this is how Logan is going out. Watching those scenes I was trying to remind myself to breathe and to blink. I was so engrossed in those scenes. JD's performance was amazing. I was so scared and couldn't believe it was Logan that was scaring me. JD was flawless. He rocked and totally made those scenes his bitch.


That last paragraph, where you describe how Logan dies...... **sigh** I have not even watch yet...................... this is so frickin' sad....... what happened to this guy, so much potential........... ended, in seconds....... I am really mad that the writers only spent 2 DAYS (GGGGRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!) building this crazy ex storyline, WTF??????? What I want to know is what the HELL is Logan going to be doing hanging around GH until August??? Why bother??? What purpose will that serve? The character is dead, let him rest in peace, PLEASE!!!

Okay rant over!

Thank you again for another entertaining and well written recap!! = )

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