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June 22, 2008


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That was fantastic! It really is the harbinger of doom. I couldn't agree more that it's nothing more that publicity stunt. But despite that I really hope that the pairing will work and that TIIC won't screw it up. I remeber Shelle back in the day but was never a huge fan. I have come to love Maxie and would absolutely love to see her away from JoLu and in her own s/l. But the beard...has to go. And Ed. Note, I'm with ya he did look pretty hot but I'm telling myself that it was the tuxedo. ;)


Haahaa!! I was just about to comment on how nice I thought his bread was at the Emmy's.... the spoiler pictures, not so much!!

Eh....... there is no way that thing will stay long........ KS is not going to be kissin' it, hee!!

I love your "hi Mom" comment in the beginning......very cute..... your mom is your biggest fan, and here I thought I was!!

I so did NOT get the memo about suggesting ranting ideas, ugh...... are you still taking suggesting...........???

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