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May 20, 2008


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I agree on recapping Dancing with the Stars..... I don't even watch that show and I found your recap WAY more interesting then GH today....... well, we did see Mac and Lucky today..... but as usual were being the fumbling PCPD.....ugh.....

I'm hoping that Nik calls out Claudia on all her CRAP!! but we know that won't happen b/c princess lulu will convince her brother to save the Zbrats........eh....... and what did you think of Carly sleeping with Jax just hours after banging Sonny?! sick.....well, at least they did it in a bed. lol....

One more add Trevs and Tracey..... face off..... kinda like it..... that Jane can sure hold her own......


"4.) At 22, Mark Ballas will make me feel like even more of a pedofile than Josh Duhon does, but I will be unable to look away from the screen because DAMN the boy can move."

AHAHAHAH! I love this! I'm almost 22 so I wouldn't feel that way but it was still funny!

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